From Waist Cinchers to Single Shoulder Cutout Clothing – What is 2017 Bringing You in Fashion

From Madonna’s Cone Bra to side high ponytails, 90s have brought us some really catchy and vibrant fashion trends in the past but it seems like most of the previous fashion trends back in the years, in women western clothing are coming back with a greater bang than before. Vintage pastel color trends and disco glittery pants are becoming significant. Let’s shed some light on few popular fashion trends in western dresses this year has brought us.

Get Ready to Upgrade your Closet with These New Trends

Boy Scout’s Sash –

Yes, you read right. This asymmetrical trendy piece of clothing will look great as a muffler on your winter clothing and you can always style them with matching jumpsuits or playsuits of your choice.

White Shirt Dresses –

2017 is bringing the classic white shirt dress out of the bedroom and into the streets. Style them with a pair of ankle high boots, sliders or trainers of your choice.

Mules – Forget about sandals and lace shoes because mules are here to rule. You can easily style them with any outfit and look amazing effortlessly.

The Color Yellow –

Western dresses for women have brought a twist into the fashion world this year by choosing a happy color like yellow. All tones of yellow are worth wearing.

Stripes – Be it banker stripes or seaside stripes, the fashion has never felt old. Stripes are old but it’s no wonder that they look gold when worn.

Waist Cinchers – Who thought the waist cinchers or corsets will be back in fashion after years of disappearance but the fact is they are in and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Single Shoulder Cut Out Clothing – The famous Hollywood trend of baring one shoulder is back and looks sensual than ever. The clothing shops are full of single shoulder cut out tops and dresses.

Everything you need to Know about Waist Cinchers

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Style them with blouses and tops

Yes, they don’t necessarily have to be styled with gowns (like the old times), now you can wear them on maxi dresses, sheer blouses and even t-shirts. · Choose the right type of waist cincher for yourself. There are many types of waist cinchers available in the market. The fabrics, styles and properties differ according to your requirements.

Wear Them for Purposes Other Than Fashion  – Not only you’ll be making a fashion statement with your waist cincher but you’ll also be working on your fitness and figure by wearing it which will result into a beautiful hourglass body shape.

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